W.G. Realty Company

Walnut Grove’s own enterprise, W.G. Realty Company L.L.C., exists to lease and sell property at Walnut Grove. This Traditional Neighborhood Development is an ideal place to own a home, as well as locate a wide variety of retail and commercial businesses with a large number of potential customers within a small walking distance.

The pedestrian-friendly residential community offers multiple home plans to suit a variety of individuals and families, while adhering to the design principles of the Traditional Neighborhood Development.

The close proximity of the retail and commercial space to the residential community ensures both foot traffic and increased sales, as well as social events that will draw numerous visitors to the neighborhood. Owners of retail and commercial businesses can experience an enhanced lifestyle with the option to live above their place of business.

We are happily provide information for any residential or commercial inquiries. Come and visit the model home for a tour of our neighborhood located at 2070 Jabez Drive.